History Of Studio Ghibli


Established in 1985 by Tokuma Shoten Publishing, Studio Ghibli is
an animation studio based in japan and helmed by Hayao
Miyazaki and lsao Takahata. Tokuma Shoten had been serialising
Miyazaki’s manga version of “Nausicali of the Valley of the Wind”
since I982. The following year they decided to pmduce a film
version of Nausicaa to be directed by Miyazaki himself. When the
film was released in lapan in I984, it proved such a success that
Tokuma decided to create a studio dedicated to the production of
high quality animated feature films like Nausicaii. Ghibli is unique
among lapanese animation companies, most of whom develop TV
series and original programming.

Because they focus on large-scale feature films, Studio Ghibli
makes around one film every two years, most of which have been
directed by either Miyazaki or Takahata. The Studio has won
numemus awards, including an Oscar® for Best Animated Feature
for SPIRITED AWAY and has enjoyed considerable box office
success both internationally and in lapan (where SPIRITED AWAY
proved more popular than TITANIC.)