About The Book

“The Bormwers” is the first in a series of children’s fantasy
novels by Mary Norton. Published in I952, it won the
Library Association’s Carnegie Medal for that year, and in
2007 it was selected by judges of the CILIP Carnegie Medal
for children’s literature, as one of the ten most important
children’s novels of the past 70 years. The other novels in
The Borrowers series are “The Borrowers Afield” (1955),
“The Borrowers Afloat” (1959), “The Borrowers Aloft” (I961)
and “The Borrowers Avenged” (1982).

Mary Norton was born in 1903 and brought up in a house
in Bedfordshire, England, which was to become the setting
for “The Bormwers”. She began writing while working for
the British Purchasing Commission in New York during the
Second World War Her first book was “The Magic Bed
Knob”, published in 1943, which, together with the sequel
“Bonfires and Broomsticks”, became the basis for the I971
film BEDKNOBS AND BROOMSTICKS, starring Angela
Lansbury. “Poor Stainless” was the last Borrowers story
Mary Norton wrote before she died in 1992.